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by razie_lp53udwe

The production chemical and provider of services of choice to the Malaysian oil and gas industry through a technology development plan.

The oil and gas industry is a maturing industry and has made tremendous transformation in particular the chemicals with changing field parameters, deeper reservoirs and re-inventing of enhanced oil recovery initiatives.

Chemical and service companies similarly have to quickly respond to the changes in the environment and invest accordingly, in more manpower training, R & D and technology.

Evolution of AMTECH Chemical Sdn. Bhd. from
inception into a business organization competing in the global market.

Chemical Formulation and Production

  • AMTECH chemicals are designed to solve site specific problems and are unique. They are formulated, lab tested and tried in the field application to ensure that they will solve the field problems.
  • AMTECH also manufacture the chemicals after they are accepted by the clients. They are then shipped off to the operation centres in Kemaman or Labuan for distribution to Sabah and Sarawak Operations.
  • AMTECH blending plant has four 5 tons blenders which are able to produce 100 tons per day of chemicals both water and solvent base. It was designed and commissioned by our engineering team and are approved for operations by the Fire Department, Department of Environment, Factories and Machinery Department as well as the Local Authorities.
  • AMTECH has over 150 formulations and are result of products tested and approved by the client.

Technical Manpower

  • AMTECH selects and invite qualified engineers and technicians to join its team in a sector where it is challenging to obtain competent resources. We train and exposed our assets in the field as well as formal courses to enhance their all round skills.
  • Besides, AMTECH also add value to its presence by assisting the client in troubleshooting pumps and equipment problems it encounters in the field.
  • AMTECH is also involved in crude oil terminals maintenance, descaling activities and pipeline cleaning work to support its chemicals applications and surveillance work.
  • Our Range Of Services : Manpower, Pumps, COT maintenance, descaling, decontaminants

Engineering / Laboratory Services

  • AMTECH also recognizes that the clients want more from chemical suppliers and having engineering capabilities will further add value to the clients operations such as supply of chemical skids, tote tanks management and construction capabilities.
  • Fabrication of chemical skids, tote tanks management, blending plant and labs construction.

Commodities and Trading Services

  • With its knowledge in handling chemicals, AMTECH is also licensed to trade in and supply commodities such as TEG, Biocides, Soda Ash, Surfactants and polymers.
  • AMTECH also signs an MOU with an international research and development company who have experience in CEOR technology and supports AMTECH entry into this business base on AMTECH experience in handling the logistics of commodities.
  • Trading products such as Soda Ash, Surfactant, Polymers, TEG, Biocides, MEG etc

Technology Plan

  • From its proximity with the clients, AMTECH was able to develop new products required by industry.
  • With its foreign partner, AMTECH was able to formulate a polymer base water clarifier for the EOR water discharge.
  • Another product it is developing on its own is Corrosion Inhibitor for gas applications.
  • With aging fields where CO2 content is high, AMTECH is developing Corrosion Inhibitor to passivate CO2
  • Develop polymer based water treatment, Corrosion Inhibitor for Gas, Corrosion Inhibitor for CO2 removal

AMTECH manages its quality operations through the ISO 9001: 2015 and HSE through the OHSAS 18001 : 2007 certified two years ago. At the same time, AMTECH has for the past three years attained four star rating from SME Corp. and registered as a TERAS company with TERAJU a Government initiative to support SMEs in the oil and gas industry.

Our dedication to leadership extends beyond our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own organization and the communities where we work and live.